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Since I have been doing so many projects with felted wool lately, I thought it might be time to learn another new skill – knitting.  I’ve tried learning how to crochet in the past, but I’ve learned that I learn best from teaching, not from a book.  I figure if I learn to knit, I can knit things to the shape/style I want, and then felt them – and use it as a way to supplement and enhance my bags.

 So, of course, the first thing I had to do was get some knitting needles.  My new favorite hunting ground for these type of things is www.shopgoodwill.com.  It lists goodwill items from all across the country.  It is auction style, like ebay, but all the proceeds go to goodwill.  The shipping can be high, so keep that in mind when you are bidding.  I managed to get an assorted lot of knitting needles for a steal, and I supplemented with a pair or two from my local yarn shop.

The next step was making a cute case for all my needles.  I’ve been making projects from Betz White’s Warm Fuzzies.

Warm Fuzzies by Betz White

Lucky for me her book happens to have a great project for a felted knitting needle case.

Felted knitting needle case

Even luckier for me was that I had a sweater in my felted stash that almost matched exactly the sweater she used in a book.  Not that I had to use a sweater that matched, but it was pretty cool to have it look similar.  The sweater I used happens to be a Benetton sweater that I got from a local Goodwill.  Here is my finished case. 

Wool felt knitting needles case

I was amazed how quickly and easily the project came together.  A word of advice – when making projects that involve felt (like craft felt), pay attention to how the felt will be used.  In her book, she has you use a thin strip of felt for the tie of the case.  But, if you use craft felt, it pretty much breaks and falls apart after you tie it once.  Unfortunately, this happened after I had already sewn the project.  Thankfully, the sweater had a very wide collar, with great detailing, so I cut that off the sweater, and used it to wrap around the case like a huge rubber band.  The flower detail was from a ruffle cuff on another sweater that I had felted.  Think outside the box when looking at your sweaters.  You never know what part of a sweater might be perfect for some future project you will be working on.

wool felt needle case - closed

Now that I have the tools, and the cute carrying case, I’m ready to learn.  Lucky for me my local yarn shop has a special $15 class for first-timers.  Wish me luck!  I think I’m going to start with a basic scarf, or maybe a cute coin purse.


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