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It’s time for me to get back to this blog.  I feel like I’ve been on summer vacation from blogging.  Well, I’m now back, and sewing in full swing.  I got to have sewing classes this summer at my house, so that has kept me pretty busy.  Summer classes are over, and the fall classes don’t start until October, so I have a little breather.

I had my last show in July, which went very well, and I can’t seem to stop sewing.  The problem I have is that every time I make something new, I tend to want to keep it for myself.  Am I the only one who feels like this? 

My latest projects seem to really focus around repurposing items.  In particular, I have been making skirt bags.  I hate when I shop thrift stores and find the cutest skirt in the greatest pattern, only to find that it is nowhere near my size.  Now I can turn those cute skirts into bags – and no matter what size I am, a bag ALWAYS fits.  I also like to leave in original details like zippers or pockets.  I’ve also found I can have a little fun with them, like with this Abercrombe and Fitch pink boucle skirt.  The lining is pink, with a lace trim at the bottom.  Instead of sewing the bottom closed, I only sewed the lining closed.  If you swish the purse just right, the skirt flips up, and reveals the pink lining with the lace trim. I thought it was very whimsical.  Some of them will be listed for sale in my Etsy shop  .  If you purchase anything in my shop, let me know you came from my blog, and I’ll throw in a special gift.  You can also see some of my latest creations posted on my facebook page, and hear about any upcoming shows I’ll be at.


Abercrombie & Fitch skirt purse

Here are just a few others that I’ve made recently




The mod floral pattern one (in silk) is one of my favorites.  I think I’ll be keeping that one.  I was also thinking of posting my first tutorial about how to make these.  Is that something that you all think you would be interested in seeing?  If I get enough positive responses, then I’ll take the plunge.

I’m also going to try and post on a more regular basis, about once a month or so.  For all my fans and supporters, thanks for hanging in there with me on my blog.


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As a mother’s day present for my mom, I made her this slouch style purse, with a felted red sweater, and a red and black tulip lining.  The flower is made from one of the sleeve cuffs, and a cute button.For my sister, I made this cute little stuffed fabric heart for my sister, and machine embroidered each of her daughter’s names, one on each side.  It’s small enough to fit in the palm in her hand, so she can always carry them in her heart and in her hand.

Detail of flower

Gemma sideElsa side

To all the mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and anyone else who has taken on the role of mother out there, Happy Mother’s Day!

Red felted sweater purse with red and black tulip lining

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