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Hi.  My name is Allison, and I am a fabric stasher.  I know I am not the only one, and I may not even be the only one to admit it – though I may be one of the few who admit it with pride.  If I never sewed another day of my life, I still wouldn’t completely get rid of my stash. 

It’s the old dilemma:  find great looking fabric, but not finding the right project for the fabric, or finding the right project, but afraid of doing it so wrong, that the fabric is ruined.  Or doing the project right, but not having it look good.  Or not having enough of the fabric to do the fabric.   I really don’t want to have to buy 3-4 yards every time I see a fabric I like, but there have been times I’ve kicked myself for not buying more when it’s years later and I’m finally ready to use the fabric, and I don’t have enough.  And the reasons go on and on…it’s just so hard to make that first cut.  I’ve tried the project first method (find the project, then find the fabric to do it with), but I still can’t resist purchasing some fabrics with no project in mind.  Sometimes the right project doesn’t appear for years and years (as with my “Summer Blouse” fabric – but that’s for a future entry).  And then, when you have that perfect marriage of project and stash fabric, it’s almost magical.  Ok, not magical, but at least justification for why I’ve kept some fabrics for so long for seemingly no reason.

It helps that I’m organized.  It doesn’t help that I’m compulsive.  Do all my ladybug fabrics really need to organized by color, and then from light to dark, etc.? 


My ladybug fabric stash

(Yes, I know a few of them are out of order, and yes, I will promptly go home and put them in their proper place).

I also like to have some of my favorite fabrics out for me to constantly see, especially if they are the ones I am most scared to use. 


Vintage Key West Hand Print & Lilly Pulitzer fabrics

(these are my vintage Key West Hand Print Fabrics and vintage Lilly Pulitzer fabrics).  I vow to use them someday, but it’s one of those “it really has to be the perfect project” kind of things.

I also have found an almost perfect storage space for my fabrics, and other craft projects.  I have this great vintage dental cabinet, that seems to be the perfect size for my crafting needs.  The bottom half houses some of my favorite fabrics (Alexander Henry, Amy Butler, Tina Givens, Heather Bailey), my patterns, and notions.


Dental Cabinet


Fabric in cabinet

The top half houses my costume jewelry, and my jewelry making supplies. 



To stay true to the cabinet’s dental background, and because I have a dark side, I have maintained 2 drawers with all of the original vintage dental tools that came with the cabinet (cleaned and sterilized, of course). 


dental tools

I do have fabric stashed in other spots, but if I showed you all my fabric, then you’d know too much!


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Here is my 2nd attempt at the Summer Blouse from Weekend Sewing.  I think I’ve decided that these blouses should be renamed Ladybug Blouses.

I’m feeling a little more confident the 2nd time around.  I was willing to use some of my favorite ladybug fabric.  I used a white background fabric for the main blouse, and a different yellow background ladybug fabric for the placket and bias trimming.

Summer blouse placket - white ladybug

Summer Blouse - white ladybug, placket detail

Recalling my disaster with the button loop, I decided to forego the button loop and button altogether.  I kept the idea of trimming the sleeves with the contrasting bias tape.  Since I had trimmed the pattern after I finished my first blouse, there were very few alterations I had to make on this blouse, other then evening out the bottom hem, and trimming about an inch on the sleeves. 

Summer Blouse front - white ladybug

Summer Blouse - white ladybug fabric - front view

I also made another head scarf, but out of a different pink ladybug background fabric.  The 2nd time around went much quicker, with almost no seams needing to be ripped out.

head scarf - pink ladybug

Head scarf - pink ladybug fabric

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